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How does Hire9ja work for Employers

Post your project, specifying what you need done. Provide as much details as you can. The more, the better. Freelancers send their proposals to you. Pick the one who best suits your needs. Make the full payment for the project. Hire9ja holds the money in escrow while the freelancer works on your project.

We developed a very dynamic and intuitive process. Basically, you have to choose the category you need a freelancer from, describe the tasks to be performed and determine the budget you have. You can find out in detail how to post a project in Hire9ja.

Posting a project in Hire9ja is free.

Hire9ja gives you access to freelancers in all the areas a business needs to address: IT & Programming, Online Advertising and Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Sales, Social Media, Customer Care, Writing, Translation, and many more. 

Yes, they are reliable. One of the pillars of Hire9ja is transparency, that’s why you can see the profiles of all our freelancers to know their skills, the work they have done, see their portfolios and read the opinions left by clients who have already worked with them. In addition, before selecting one you will be able to chat with them to get to know them in depth and decide the one for sure. Our goal is for you to find your trusted freelancers and establish long-term relationships with them.

There are two project formats, which you can choose from, to hire someone:

  • A fixed-price project – set a budget for the project
  • Hourly project – payment by the hour with the freelancer working recurrently for as many hours as needed

There are many payment methods we can accept through Paystack payment processor, including credit cards.

Our escrow payment protection ensures that the payment is only released to the freelancer if you are satisfied with the delivered results.

At Hire9ja you can work with as many freelancers as you want. There is no limit.

To hire many freelancers, access their service and hire. 

All ongoing projects would be listed on your employer dashboard to manage the progress easily.

If you want to hire more than a freelancer for a job, post the project and specify the number of freelancers you want to hire for the job.

If you are not on our premium package where we provide custom outsourcing of talents, you will need to allow freelancers submit proposals. From the pool of proposals, you are required to decide who to work with and contact them. Ask them to create the service for you to hire. Project requirement should match your requirement.

Posting limited number of projects is free and chatting with the freelancers is totally free of charge. You must follow our policies while posting jobs and chatting with freelancer.

However, there is a service fee which depends on a number of factors. Learn more.

Yes our app is undergoing better testing. We will release it for download soon. You can use Hire9ja App to stay in touch with the freelancer.

How does Hire9ja work for Freelancers?

Hire9ja is a platform that connects you with clients who need to hire Nigerian freelancers from various areas to grow their businesses. 

Create your profile, ensuring your experience and skills are clearly stated. Browse through the projects available and send your proposals for projects that best suit your expertise. As soon as a client picks you for his/her project, you can start work. Upon completion, if the client is satisfied with your work, Hire9ja will release the payment to your account for withdrawal.

All sorts of clients from all over the world, e.g. entrepreneurs simply developing a new business idea, early-stage startups, small and medium companies and large corporations. They can all benefit from working with freelancers like you.

These clients include those who would not want to hire directly because of the high scam rating associated with Nigerians online.

Hire9ja gives you the opportunity to serve these ones under a secure platform only if you agree to stick to our terms will you be allowed continuous use of the platform

After you sign up and complete your profile, browse through the available projects. Find projects that suit your skills and availability. Pick a project and submit your proposal. We strongly recommend you to include details on ways you would work on the project and share your experience.

There are two project formats, which you can choose from, to get hired by a client:

  • A fixed-price project – a budget is set for the whole project
  • Hourly project – payment is made by the hour, whereby you work recurrently for as many hours as needed.

Hire9ja protects your work. Once clients select you, they must make a security deposit. Hire9ja holds that money while you do the work. When you deliver it and clients are satisfied, the funds are released to you and you get the payment.

Once the project is completed, the client releases the payment to you. The funds go to your Hire9ja account. You can then withdraw the funds to your local Nigerian Bank Account that you saved on your profile. 

Yes, Hire9ja encourages clients to have long-term relationships with freelancers. In addition, thousands of new projects are published per day to which you can submit bids.

Registering with Hire9ja, viewing projects, submitting bids and chatting with clients is free. However, if there is a hire you will have to pay a “service cost”. You can learn more about this topic.