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Hire9ja Policies


The following rules and policies apply to our website – – and this will be updated when necessary.

It is important to note that the use of Hire9ja is governed by our terms and conditions and our user agreement.

Website policies
1. Behaviour on the website
Users of the site are required to pass or share messages devoid of abuse or insults. Defamatory statement will not be tolerated.
Do not share​ contact information (email, phone, videos or video conferencing, etc.) without proper authorisation from Hire9ja and in such case our collateral may be applied.
Privacy of individual, messages and projects are important to us. Thus, we require the users of Hire9ja to respect this. Hire9ja is a Closed User Group and a community of Employers and Freelancers, therefore what happens in Hire9ja stays in Hire9ja. No posts or content from the work/project should be disclosed or shared with others without a written authorisation from the other party.
Spam will not be accepted in any form.


  1. Site Content
    The following are seriously prohibited:

NO post of projects, messages or content on the website about:

– Nudity/pornography/adult content or anything unsuitable for minors will not be accepted.

– violent content
– racial comment or content or attacks on a particular group or organization,
– Profanity and expletives related contents
– content related to hacking,
– content related to gambling,
– drug-related content or articles,
– content related to the sale of weapons or ammunition (eg.: firearms, firearm components, knives or stun guns) of any kind.
– content related to the sale of products that are replicas or imitations of designer goods and other items,
– malicious software (viruses, spyware, etc.),
or any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity or infringes the legal rights of others.


  1. Policies guiding Posting/publishing of projects
    If any job is posted and stand in violation of any of Hire9ja’s policies, we will not hesitate to remove such from the platform. However, the user may be able to re-publish such project if amendment has been made and approved.
    Project Ads can be removed from Hire9ja if:

– it violates the section 2 policies. above

– It violates the terms of service of another company or entity.

– It request employers/clients for unpaid work or balance..
– Payment is done via other means outside Hire9ja’s payment platform.
– It violates the integrity of an academic institution, including homework, writing essays for school, exams or submitting applications.
– It violates any Nigerian laws or laws from any other country.
– It contains individual/company contact information.
– It promotes unlisted services or products.

3a Project Guides

  • Project must be clearly specified
  • The objective and purpose of the work must not be hidden
    When probed or clarity is needed, answers must be provided to Freelancers
  • Job description must be clearly spelt out
  • Freelancers can only accept proposals when job description is clear and understood, well-defined milestones, exact timing and payment terms are agreed upon.
  • Proposals to be examined considering the criteria namely experience as a freelancer, skills, education, portfolio, certifications, references, feedback/reviews from previous clients, location, communication, style and cost.
  • Ensure the freelancer establish the conditions, define milestones and payments.
  • Ensure the Freelancer’s office hours and about their standard response times.
    Once you have hired someone for your project, log in to the site to manage their work.


  1. Policies for Proposals
    Do note the following when submitting a proposal, the provider is expected to abide to the stated rules and policies:

Services must not be offered for free.
Unprofessional language and/or harassing other members of Hire9ja is disallowed.
Payment is only made on Hire9ja payment platform.
Use of messaging and proposals for other purposes instead of presenting a proposal is prohibited.
Contact information namely: Skype, email, phone, website URL,  etc may not be allowed.


4a Guide to the publication of proposals

As a freelancer, you agree to follow these guidelines when submitting a proposal:

Only apply for jobs for which you are a good option and are qualified to complete within the deadline set by the Client.
Help the client clarify their needs and fully develop the scope of work and deliverables.
Write a concrete and detailed proposal with clear objectives, deliverables and milestones.
Only agree to deadline that you can meet or exceed.
Specify the payment terms that are linked to the achievement of milestones.
Specify how requests for changes and revisions will be handled.
Specify how the work guarantee will be handled.
Submit a proposal accurately to reflect your understanding of the scope of work and of the amount of time / effort that you will dedicate in order to achieve customer satisfaction.
Let your customers know your office hours and established response time.
You may re-submit a proposal when necessary to reflect any changes in price, delivery date or approach, before the end of the period of proposal.
Do not submit unreasonably low prices or “experimental” proposal or proposals. If you want to submit a proposal, but are in need of more information about the job, send a message to request more information, stating your assumptions about the scope of work on your proposal and explicit that the proposal will be updated once you receive more information.
Do not send proposals with the intent to commit fraud.
Do not present repetitive content or generic proposals.
Do not offer your services in exchange for good feedback or for free.

5. Policies for posting your profile
A freelancer’s profile cannot contain:

Contact information beyond what is offered through Hire9ja.
Offers for payments outside Hire9ja’s payment platform.
Offers for free services.
Offers for services that are against Hire9ja’s Terms of Service or the policies of any other company or entity.
Any text that is copied from another freelancer profile.
Display of work over which the profile owner has no legal rights or property.

  1. Working Relationships Policies in Hire9ja.

Relationships between employers and freelancers that starts in Hire9ja must continue in Hire9ja for at least 1 (one) year since the last completed project between both.

Hire9ja will not take responsibility for any work relationship that has started in Hire9ja and continues outside the platform regardless of the outcome. IN such cases, Hire9ja could close the accounts at any time.

  1. Penalties when Policy is Violated
    Any violators of Hire9ja policies risks suspension, termination and removal of his/her account.

When such violation is related to publishing work or project, that account will be removed and outright termination can occur if persisted.

For freelancers’ violations, the minimum penalty is a suspension of 15 days. For major violations, such as plagiarism, avoiding fee payments, manipulating comments or repeated violations of our policies, the freelancer’s account is subject to immediate termination.

In case of report of Scam or fraudulent activities, such person is reported to appropriate authority while we take up closing such account and making public their personal information to prevent others from falling a victim to the same user elsewhere.

Why No contact details Should be shared on Hire9ja?

It is important for us at Hire9ja that contact details are kept private as violation of such could result into losing your account.

Selection process within the platform

WE understand that in a bid to select professional it is not uncommon for the client to want to do interviews, questions and even carry out some technical tests. To care for this, necessary tools are available on our platform that enable the client to obtain the same information that he would obtain in a telephone or face-to-face interview.

All the questions and doubts you may have can be sent through the message tool of our platform. In this way, it is possible to interview the professional in writing, within Hire9ja, and even see samples of other work that the professional has previously done (the samples can be published on their profile as Sample projects).

IN a situation where such project involves verbal communication with others however, it is required that the prospective employer have a written letter/mail requesting for permission to carry out Telephone interview.

In addition, as a client you can request our assistance to help you review the candidates’ qualifications and select the most suitable professional for your project.

Out of the platform, out of guarantee!

Our aim for prohibiting contact with either employer or freelancer outside Hire9ja platform and to be “involved” before the project is awarded and at the time when the values, deadlines and details of the activities to be performed are defined is to be able to monitor the quality of the work submitted by users of the platform. This is good for all the parties involve as Client will be assured of proper implementation of project and get satisfaction that commensurate with the agreed value.

Hire9ja is distinguished from others for we aim at ensuring employers recruit ‘the best hands’ from Nigeria without the fear of being defrauded or scammed. We guarantee the protection of the professional, payments, employers and quality work. If you are not satisfied, the freelancer would not be paid.

What quality of work should I expect?

This is when the professional carries out the work requested by the client, for the agreed price, within the agreed deadline, and respecting the defined guidelines. When jobs are not properly delivered or failed to meet the expectation of the client, then the client can raise a dispute for intervention of Hire9ja.  At that point, messages sent through our platform are critical to defining what should have been delivered (and comparing it to what was in fact delivered). Should we establish that the professional/freelancer did not comply with the agreement, we will return the money to the client and vice-versa, that is if the professional delivers the work according to the client’s request and definition of project at the time of awarding it and the client does not want the money released payment for whatever reason(s), the professional is also entitled to request Hire9ja Intervention. In this regard, we will carry out the same evaluation and, if we find that the professional complied with the guidelines, we will release the payment.

Any arising disputes between project owner and worker should be taken to Hire9ja platform for professional mediation. Hire9ja will not be responsible for any issues escalated beyond the scope of our platform.

This buttress why any communication should be included in the messages shared on our platform. How could we intervene if we had been ‘kept in the dark’? This is why sending contact details and communications outside the platform puts the project guarantee at risk.

What’s more?

We have available on our platform tools you can use to share files, document, invoice etc as required within the limit of the project. If required for sharing, this can be attached along with your message without violating Hire9ja policies and still secure their guarantee.

At Hire9ja, we have various payment methods available for use. Do you need to negotiate flexible payment terms? You can even pay by credit card if you prefer.

Payment Policy

All payment must be agreed upon between the parties involve namely the client and the freelancer before commencement of project

Payment can be negotiated and once agreement is reached and project is commenced, it cannot be altered. Should there be need to give additional tasks or project to the same individual, a new process of awarding project will have to be initiated by the client.

Payment for work/project is made BEFORE commencement but money WILL NOT be released to the worker/freelancer/professional until the project owner/client confirms SUCCESSFUL DELIVERY AND APPROVES.

Hire9ja will then initiate the payment into the account provided by the freelancer.

However, it is important to note that payment will only be made into account with the same names and in the same order as shown in the professional profile

Local services

No negotiation will be done outside Hire9ja unless what is agreed upon between the worker and the client on Hire9ja platform.

Payment for work/project is made before commencement but money will not be released to the worker until the project owner confirms successful delivery and approves.

When a project is completed locally, the worker will go on Hire9ja platform to initiate project completion process and request for payment.

Every payment for work or project secured locally which may or may not involve physical contact will be done on Hire9ja platform;

Any arising disputes between project owner and worker should be taken to Hire9ja platform for professional mediation. Hire9ja will not be responsible for any issues escalated beyond the scope of our platform.

Hire9ja Arbitration/Mediation in Disputes

What happens when project is successfully completed by a freelancer and payment is requested but the Employer is delaying in approving the release of the money? Client have a certain period to evaluate the project and carry out payment and if not done at the lapse of this time and we are contacted by the professional, we will initiate the process of closing the project and payment of the freelancer/professional.

Hire9ja platform was created to serve as intermediary between professionals and clients before, during and after the project. You are guaranteed of our unwavering support for both the client and the professional.

What happens when a client refuses to approve payment for work done because the project carried out by the professional does not meet the expectation of the client based on initial project definition and deliverables?  Then Hire9ja will intervene or mediate.

In what way does Hire9ja intervenes? Hire9ja offers mediation or arbitration between the parties. In a mediation, we try to find a compromise solution to the problem, encouraging communication between the two, and trying to enable the project to be completed as arranged originally. At that time, we can also give a party an ultimatum, to prevent the project going into arbitration. When an agreement is not possible, Hire9ja makes an arbitration. In this case, we act as arbitrators and decide how the project will be completed as well as what the payout percentage will or won’t be released. In this case, both the professional and the client can receive a violation that will be visible on your Hire9ja profile when you login. This occurs when we conclude that a party did not respect the terms of the project.

Hire9ja guarantees that the client will only pay if the work is received successfully and according to the project agreement. In our arbitrations we analyse the full history of the project to make a correct decision. If the professional fails to comply with his part, Hire9ja will perform the corresponding refund (see refund policy) When the employer accepts a proposal, agrees that Hire9ja could intervene as an arbitrator should dispute arise, subject to the decisions of the site. We work to decide fairly and properly analysing each case individually.

Cancellation Policies

In this list you will find some of the reasons that may justify the cancellation of a project, from both parties (Freelancer or employer).

  1. When a professional stops communicating over a long period of time. Can I request the cancellation of the project in this case? It is the responsibility of the freelancers to report the project progress by keeping track of the messages within the site. If we verify no messages on behalf of the professional updating the status of the project, the project may be cancelled. At first we try to give an ultimatum to the professional so that they could finish the job on time, but if there’s no register of communications for a long period of time, we may cancel this project without prior contact.
  2. When there is undue delay by the professional. Can I request the cancellation of the project in this case? Yes If we verify that the delay does not have a reason, and that the deadline was not respected, the client may request cancellation of the project. At first we try to give an ultimatum to the professional so that they could finish the job on time, but if it does not, the project may be cancelled. In a large project, a small delay does not justify a cancellation. If the project duration was 30 days and the delay might be one day, for example, the project could only be cancelled if we verify a lack of commitment by the professional to continue the project.
  3. When the professional promises but never deliver milestones Can I request the cancellation of the project in this case? Yes In this case, Hire9ja analyses the project history to check general behaviour regarding the professional performance. If we verify that the professional postponed deadlines and promises with no intention of delivering milestones, the project may be cancelled. And if a professional/freelancer have a history of non-commitment to jobs, failed deadlines and/or poor job deliveries, he/she may be terminated from Hire9ja platform.
  4. When the employer does not like the final result, Can I request the cancellation of the project in this case? It depends. In this case Hire9ja verifies the project description submitted, checking the compatibility between the work requested and the one delivered by the professional. If we verify that the work is of an inferior quality to the agreed project, then the project may be cancelled. But, if the work was consistent with what the employer asked for, but the client is still not satisfied, Hire9ja will determine a certain percentage of the payment  and this will be sent to the professional.
  5. When a professional fail to develop the project Can I request the cancellation of the project in this case? It depends Hire9ja believes it is the responsibility of the professional to ask for enough information before starting a project. But the employer should be clear in the description of the project and provide the most details about the project required prior to hiring. If Hire9ja verifies that the employer has provided the necessary details, but despite all the professional fails to carry out the project, we can cancel it. But, if there were sent new details after the proposal is accepted, or if the employer has not been clear in its requirements, a partial payment may be debited, depending on each case and the work actually performed.
  6. When a client does not communicate with me, Can the project be cancelled in this case? Yes When the employer accepts a proposal they should contact the professional and be able to give an answer or feedback whenever is required. If the employer stops communicating for a long period of time, the project could be cancelled and the professional could receive the payment if the project had been partly or fully developed. Hire9ja never release funds without first contacting the employer. But the lack of communication from the employer, can end up in the cancellation of the project and the release of the payment to the hired professional. When a delivery is made​​, you will have 5 (five) business days to accept or reject it. If you needed more time to discuss the work, you have to arrange it with the professional.
  7. When both parties agree to cancel a project Can the project be cancelled in this case? Yes Hire9ja can cancel a project if both parties agree. But we analyse the work done to verify if a possible partial payment is needed. If the professional had worked correctly, they will receive a partial payment for what has been developed. If an unreasonable cancellation is requested, the Hire9ja due commission may be debited in some cases (check Refunds Policy) It’s part of our job to keep a professional’s database well committed within the platform and nurture their profiles to show a real history within the site. That is why in case of a cancellation, we analyse the full history of the project and, if we verify that a party has not complied with the initial agreement, it may receive a breach, even if the cancellation was agreed by the both. In case of trouble with a professional, do not hesitate to contact us for our help. We work as mediators and our role is to provide security in the agreed contract. We do not create barriers to cancel a project, and provide support to help rehire another professional if necessary. We try to be fair and study each case individually, always giving a chance for both sides to express their point of view. This is why we ask for a term of up to five days to complete a successful arbitration. Also check our Refund Policy in which we explain in more detail the ​​possible refunds in case the project is cancelled.

Can users alter your ratings?

At Hire9ja, this is not acceptable trying to alter ratings! Considering the following reasons:

  • It would question our credibility of Hire9ja and by extension all its members. One of the best aspects of Hire9ja is that the qualifications are verifiable. Due process have been followed from the commencement of the project, so we know that the service was performed. If we allow changes, it will affect the confidence a future user may have in our service.
  • It is expected that you understand and sincerely possess the qualification you claim even before it is made public. When it is now made public, how you are qualified or rated depends on how you are seen!
  • Funds will not be released until the project is approved and marked completed by the client. It is assumed that once the counterparties have been qualified there is no need for exchanges and the project is completed, so there should be no further requirements after this step.

Refund policy at Hire9ja

How does Hire9ja work?

Hire9ja is a platform that connects clients and professionals for work that can be done remotely or locally. The jobs are at a fixed amount or flexible based on hourly charges.

When a client accepts a proposal for a project at a fixed amount, the client makes a complete payment. This payment remains with Hire9ja until the project is completed and the client the approves the release of the payment to the professional.

Should there be any problem with the project, it may be cancelled/withdrawn. In this case, the amount paid for the project will still be under the guarantee on Hire9ja platform and the exact value may be reimbursed to the client. (check our project cancellation policy).

When the above occurred that is; a cancellation of project and a refund is to take place, the amount will be deposited in the project owner’s Hire9ja account. The client then is under liberty to either retain the amount in his/her account for future projects or request a refund.

Refund amount

Whenever a refund is requested, we will refund the total amount that clients have at their Hire9ja account. Hire9ja does not retain any amount and we do not charge a refund fee.

NOTE: When a project is completed through mediation, arbitration or dispute, 4.5% fee for Hire9ja’s service will not be refunded.

It is important to remember that refunds are only possible on projects by fixed amount or for aggregated funds. Hourly projects do not work with guarantee payments and therefore they operate differently. For hourly projects it is not possible to receive refunds for the hours recorded, approved and paid by the client. See our hourly project refund policy.

Cancellation Policy for hourly projects

How does Hire9ja work?

In projects per hour, both the employer and the professional keeps record of the hours paid for and how the payment is released to the freelancer. There professionals record the hours worked. After this registration, the employer must approve or reject those hours. If they would be approved, the payment thereof is automatically released to the professional. If instead the hours are rejected, they are not paid.

If the hours are approved, the professional gets paid automatically, so a refund is no longer possible, even if the project is between closed.

If instead the hours were rejected, and both sides could not reach an agreement, Hire9ja may intervene performing an arbitration. In this case, the cancellation policies are the same as for fixed value projects (see cancellation policies for fixed value projects)

If Hire9ja conclude that the employer is right, the rejected hours will not be paid. In case of conclusion that the professional is successful, the payment for the hours worked will be debited.

Hire9ja works to make fair decisions and taking care that the agreements between professionals and clients are respected. Therefore, it is important to always make clear everything agreed between the parties within each project.


Privacy Policies

What information do we collect?
Hire9ja platform collects some information from you when you visited or browse through the site.

What information do we collect when you registered or place an order on Hire9ja platform? Details such as: name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number may be required to buy the service of a freelancer on the website. However, Bank detail of an employer will be needed in case of refund.

For a freelancer to be able to receive payment from, he/she must complete all the profile details, submit the current National Identity card from the Federal Republic of Nigeria or provide the temporary slip provided during enrolment with their National Identification Number (NIN) clearly shown during the verification stage. Other Information required include Bank Name, Account Number, Account Holder’s Name corresponding to the Hire9ja Profile, Bank Verification Number (BVN) and a functional Phone Number.

NOTE: Credit card information is not stored on Hire9ja platform

You may, however, visit our https://hire9ja anonymously without selling your services (as in freelancer) or (buying a service/posting projects as in employers).

What do we use your information for?
Collected information from you may be used in one of the following ways:

  • To create an account and personalize a profile for you. That helps your visibility and relationships with prospective employers/freelancers and Hire9ja
  • To improve our website
    (we continually strive to improve our website offerings based on the information and feedback we receive from you)
  • To serve you better. That includes attending to your requests and give timely support.
  • To process transactions – for example you will not be able to cash out or receive payment from our platform if your correct BVN is not submitted.
    Please note, however, that information, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other company for any reason whatsoever, without your consent, other than for the express purpose of delivering the purchased product or service requested.
  • To administer a contest, promotion, survey or other site feature
  • The emails you provided will be used to receive mails/correspondences from Hire9ja when necessary and to receive occasional company news, updates, related product or service information, etc.
    Note: You can unsubscribe from receiving future emails, we include detailed unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of each email.

How do we protect your information?
We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information when you register or enter, submit, or access your personal information.

We offer the use of a secure server. All supplied sensitive/credit information is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and then encrypted into our Database to be only accessed by those authorized with special access rights to our systems, and are required to keep the information confidential.

Do we use cookies?
Yes. (Cookies are small files that a site or its service provider transfers to your computers hard drive through your Web browser (if you allow) that enables the sites or service providers systems to recognize your browser and capture and remember certain information.

We use cookies to help us remember and process your unfinished registration, job placement, transaction etc and  save your preferences for future visits and compile aggregate data about site traffic and site interaction so that we can offer better site experiences and tools in the future. We may contract with third-party service providers to assist us in better understanding our site visitors. These service providers are not permitted to use the information collected on our behalf except to help us conduct and improve our business.

Do we disclose any information to outside parties?
We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. This does not include trusted third parties who assist us in operating our website, conducting our business, or servicing you, so long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential. We may also release your information when we believe release is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce our site policies, or protect ours or others rights, property, or safety. However, anonymous visitor information may be provided to other parties for marketing, advertising, or other uses.

Third party links
Periodically, at our discretion, we may include or offer third party products or services on our website. These third party sites have separate and independent privacy policies. We therefore have no responsibility or liability for the content and activities of these linked sites. Nonetheless, we seek to protect the integrity of our site and welcome any feedback about these sites.


Online Privacy Policy Only
This online privacy policy applies only to information collected through our website and not to information collected offline

Terms and Conditions
Please also visit our Terms and Conditions section establishing the use, disclaimers, and limitations of liability governing the use of our website at

Your Consent
By using our site, you consent to our websites privacy policy.

Changes to our Privacy Policy
If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page, and/or update the Privacy Policy modification date below.

This policy was last modified on August 01, 2020

Contacting Us
If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact us using the information below.
support @


Account Termination Policy

Can I lose my Hire9ja account? Why?

There are several reasons why Hire9ja may close your account.

According to our User Agreement and Site Policies, any proven breach of any of the conditions outlined in these documents may result in permanent termination of your Hire9ja account.

Upon registration on Hire9ja, you will have to accept the terms of use, including our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy. This is a requirement of your registration on the site, without exception.

When can I get a non-compliance (breach)?

When a project does not end with the release of 100% of the client’s funds to the professional, both the client and the professional can get a breach in their profile for not having satisfactorily completed the project.

In projects that are solved by arbitration, in which Hire9ja acts as mediator, Hire9ja may, when deciding on the release of the funds, determine a breach in the profile of either parties if it considers that part of the initial agreement between the client and the professional has not been complied with.

In cases where the project is cancelled with an agreement between the client and the professional by means of self-mediation, Hire9ja may also determine a breach in either party’s profile if it considers that either party has not complied with the agreement.

For this reason, and to avoid possible breaches in the profile, it is essential that the communication during a project is kept or updated through the platform, and that the scope of the project and the deadlines are agreed upon before the deposit in guarantee is made.

Possible reasons for non-compliance:

A breach may be determined when:

The professional doesn’t meet the delivery deadline.
Some of the parties do not respond in a timely manner to the other party.
One of the parties unilaterally cancels a project for no reason.
The project is not comply according with initial agreement
Partial or full advance payment is requested before the deliverables
There’s a failure to comply any of Hire9ja’s policies (see Hire9ja Policies)
How does a breach affect my profile?
The penalty for breach is calculated based on the percentage of breaches that a professional has regarding completed projects:

If you have more than 50% of breaches on completed projects, the account will be closed
If you have between 20% and 50% of breaches on finished projects, your profile level will be blocked for 60 days
If you have between 5% and 20% of breaches on finished projects, your profile will go down two levels for 60 days
If you have less than 5% of breaches on finished projects, your profile will go down one level for 30 days.
These penalties are taken at the time of receiving a new breach.

The minimum level you can go down for noncompliance is “level 1.”

Reasons for suspension of services, projects and accounts closure.

Hire9ja may close both a client’s or a professional’s account when there is a breach of the policies or in the platform’s terms of use. Similarly, bids from a professional may be suspended for an indefinite period of time for the same reasons.

Some of the reasons that may cause bids to be suspended or an account closure (not limited to these reasons alone) include:

When a professional has more than 3 breaches in profile
When there is an exchange of data before the security deposit is made.
When payment information is sent outside the platform.
When sending external link to the client (even Behance link is not allowed)
When there is a request for payment outside the platform.
When a professional offers as a portfolio or as project delivery, copied material.
When a professional does not answer to a client on a project for more than 24 to 48 hours, according to the particular case or project.
When a professional does not comply with the delivery deadlines or does not comply with what was initially agreed with the client.
When there is abuse or offensive content between client and professional.
When a client posts more than one project that does not comply with the site’s policies.
​When a client posts 8 projects without finishing the contract in any of these projects (in case the projects do not comply with our policies, the client can contact our team through our contact page for further explanations).
​When a client does not pay the hours recorded on a project by the hour and does not respond to Hire9ja’s notifications of pending payment.
When Hire9ja identifies any type of relationship between a user and other suspended or closed accounts (in such cases, Hire9ja will not provide any information about this relationship).
The suspension of bids may be applied for a certain period of time, depending on each case, as a warning and also as an action prior to the closure of the account.

Hire9ja may, at its sole discretion, suspend or close an account at any time, with or without notice, and this action is indisputable (see Account Cancellation Policies)